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Mexican Market - Anticuchos

The atmosphere of a Mexican market is created with colorful papel picado banners and paper flowers. Visitors will find a NIOSA exclusive, Anticuchos (marinated steak shish-k-bob), where volunteers sell more than 10,000 of these treats each year. Other favorites include Chalupas, Quesadillas, Fajitas de Pollo, Bean Tacos, Burritos, Tamales, Daiquiris de Fresas, Churros, Enchiladas, Helotes (corn on the cob), Fruit Market, Mexican Coffee, Tamales, and Bunuelos (crisp, fried Mexican pastry discs dusted with cinnamon and sugar). Workers costumed in huipiles, Oaxacan dresses, sombreros, ponchos and peasant attire enhance the flavor of Mexico.

A Tienda booth sells folk art from all over Mexico, including toys, cookware, apparel and accessories. The Bolsa booth originated and still resides here, selling paper shopping bags decorated by area artists. Cascarones, the popular confetti eggs, can be cracked over the heads of fellow visitors. Pink lemonade, ice tea, beer, sangria, wine, and cold drinks are available.
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Mexican Market
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