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Alcohol Policies

NIOSA® would not be possible without dedicated volunteers like you. Thank you for your continued support to help us maintain NIOSA® as a community-oriented festival – a safe, fun-filled event.

Policies for Alcohol Booth Volunteers

  • All alcohol booth volunteers must be thirty (30) years or older.
  • All TABC certifications must be completed by March 31st.
Volunteers working in any capacity inside a NIOSA booth selling beer or an alcoholic beverage must carry a current TABC Certification. (If you have a certificate, please make sure it is valid through April 24, 2020.) Should your certificate need to be renewed or you are obtaining one for the first time, NIOSA will cover the expense incurred as long as it is completed through Diversys Learning Inc. (DLI) or Alamo Training by our March 31,2020 deadline.

We will also provide up to four special classes, if there are sufficient numbers, interested in attending a traditional classroom – instructor led - session conducted by Alamo Training.

Contact the NIOSA office (210-226-5188) to obtain a NIOSA code number to take the course online or to let us know you're interested in attending a class. You will need to provide basic personal information and your booth number in order to receive one of our code numbers. Once you are ready to take the online course, return to this page for the direct link to DLI’s website to obtain your certification. They will send you and NIOSA a copy of your certificate once you have passed the test. (You will be given up to three (3) opportunities to pass the test!)

NOTE: Diversys Learning Inc. and Alamo Training are the only NIOSA reimbursable sources for your TABC certification. If you choose to use another company, you will be responsible for paying for any fees charged and getting a copy of your new certificate to the NIOSA office prior to the March 31, 2020 deadline.

Proceeds from A Night In Old San Antonio fund the San Antonio Conservation Society’s mission to support restoration and preservation of historic properties, parks, waterways, traditions and the intangible heritage of this multicultural city and its neighboring counties through education, advocacy, grants and preservation projects and programs.
event hours: 5:30PM – 10:30PM. Alcohol Sales Cease at 10:00PM.
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