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Groove Doctors - Arneson Theatre


Arneson Theatre


The Groove Doctors is a Band Based in San Antonio Texas with a diverse selection of songs and a very talented group of individual musicians.

The Groove Doctors pride themselves as being a professional band that is sensitive to the audience needs. That being said, every night is a different show. and they always strive to make musical choices to acommadate the event at hand.

Not only is the Groove Doctors a great bunch of musicians, but they are great entertainers, as we all know People want to have fun and participate in a lively event.

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Proceeds from A Night In Old San Antonio fund the San Antonio Conservation Society’s mission to support restoration and preservation of historic properties, parks, waterways, traditions and the intangible heritage of this multicultural city and its neighboring counties through education, advocacy, grants and preservation projects and programs.
event hours: 5:30PM – 10:30PM. Alcohol Sales Cease at 10:00PM.
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