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Mission Trail - Pan Dulce de Mission (Funnel Cakes)

San Antonio landmarks are commemorated in the Mission Trail area that features Prairie Chicken (skinless chicken sautéed with onion and bell pepper and served in a flour tortilla), Mission Maiz, Pan Dulce de Mission (funnel cakes), Taco de Espada (beef brisket taco), Armadillo Eggs (jalapeño stuffed with cheddar or cream cheese and baked in a biscuit-batter coating). Chuleta de Puerco and Bunuelos a la ‘Mode (bunuelo chips with ice cream and Cajeta sauce).

Adding to the fun of Mission Trail are the famed Fortune Tellers. Souvenirs, beer, sangria slush, and cold drinks are also available.
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Mission Trail
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event hours: 5:30PM – 10:30PM. Alcohol Sales Cease at 10:00PM.
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