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5:30pm - 10:30pm

Gates close each night at 10:00pm

Presented By

San Antonio Conservation Society

Fabulous Foods

Arneson Theatre

Entertainment is the focal point of the Arneson River Theatre. Sweet tooths congregate for Banana Smoothies-a drink of crushed ice and pureed banana and strawberries, Matinee Chips (fried jalapeños), Brownie Bites, Kettle Korn and Broadway Chicken.

China Town

The oriental mystique begins with traditional Chinese cuisine. There is Mandarin Mimosa, Lemon Chicken, Wontons and Egg Rolls. Vegetable Tempura and Fortune Cookies are also in great demand among the red-lacquered facades. Visitors also enjoy Yak-i-Tori (grilled chicken shish-k-bob).

Clown Alley

Family fun is a favorite at Clown Alley. Games like Bowling on the Green, Softball Pitch, Fiesta Feat Ball, Lollipop Loop, Hoopla, Wiffle Waffle, Loop-the-Hoop, Putting Around and Add Up Darts will occupy young and old alike. Clown Face Painting creates a festive mood and visitors can sing along in the Karaoke booth.

Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, Frito Pie, Corn Dogs, Curly Q Fries, Sno-Cones, Cotton Candy, Kiddies’ Kernals, Black Cow (Root Beer Floats) and Dutch Chocolate Freeze contributes to the atmosphere.

French Quarter

French Quarter celebrates the tastes of France and New Orleans where Escargot, Crayfish Etouffee, Crepes Suzette, Beignets, Café au Lait, Peach Melba, French Sausage and Shrimp Po’Boys are served by costumed Mesdames and messieurs.

Froggy Bottom

This area pays tribute to the cultural contributions of African-Americans and is influenced by their Southern hospitality, home cooking and roots in rhythm and blues music.

Bongo-k-Bobs (beef shish-k-bobs named after Bongo Joe, a local musical legend) and Mr. Chicken (skewered fried chicken with a jalapeno).

Frontier Town

A windmill marks the center of the area, where there’s plenty of room for boot-scootin’ and grazing. Horseshoe Sausage, Texas Bird Legs and Cowboy Klopse (a deep-fried meatball in jalapeno batter).  Sopapillas, Steer-on-a-Stick, Shypoke Eggs, and Ranch Steak keep the appetites of native Texans and other visitors satisfied. Digger O’Dell the town mortician, is ready to pose for photos at the Photo Bazaar.


During the Spanish Colonial period, San Antonians used to gather to sell produce and livestock. Known as the Haymarket, facades and colorful banners resembling those from the farmer’s markets of old.

One of NIOSA’s most famous and beloved foods is Maria’s Tortillas (a hand-patted, grilled corn tortilla, buttered and filled with cheddar cheese and salsa). Named for Maria Luisa Ochoa. Introduced in the early 1950s, the booth today sells nearly 10,000 servings. Other favorites include: Gorditas, Puffy Tacos, Beef Fajitas and Flautas.

International Walkway

Colorful banners strung overhead mark the International Walkway bazaar where different ethnic groups that helped settle San Antonio are showcased. Italy, Poland, Greece, England, and Belgium inspire the foods offered. Fried Mushrooms and Frog Legs lead the list of favorites, followed by Crab Cakes, Baklava, Baja Fish Tacos, Belgian Waffles, Pizza, Fried Ravioli, and Grecian Delight Gyro.

Irish Flat

Irish Flat features Irish folk music and a host of filling fare to commemorate the Irish settlers of yesteryear. When visitors take a break from singing along to Irish ballads they can try the Blarney Bacon, and Potato Skins.

Main Street USA

American classics such as Brisket Biscuits and Fat Bread (an English muffin covered with sautéed mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese) -appeal to hearty appetites. Fried Green Tomatoes, Strawberries and Cream, Fried Cheesecake, Banana Splits, Fried Oreos and Chicken Tenders will round the menu.

Mexican Market

The atmosphere of a Mexican market is created with colorful papel picado banners and paper flowers. Visitors will find a NIOSA exclusive, Anticuchos, the marinated steak shish-k-bob; volunteers sell more than 18,000 of these treats each year. Other favorites include Chalupas, Quesadillas, Fajitas de Pollo, Bean Tacos, Burritos, Tamales, Daiquiris de Fresas, Churros, Enchiladas, Helotes (corn on the cob), Mexican Coffee and Bunuelos (crisp fried Mexican pastry discs dusted with cinnamon and sugar). Workers costumed in huipiles, Oaxacan dresses, sombreros, ponchos and peasant attire enhance the flavor of Mexico.

A Tienda booth sells folk art from all over Mexico, including toys, cookware, apparel and accessories. The Bolsa booth originated and still resides here, selling paper shopping bags decorated by area artists. Cascarones, the popular confetti eggs, can be cracked over the heads of fellow visitors.

Mission Trail

San Antonio landmarks are commemorated in the Mission Trail area that features Prairie Chicken (skinless chicken sautéed with onion and bell pepper and served in a flour tortilla). Poblano en Salsa, Mission Maiz, Pan Dulce de Mission (funnel cakes), Taco de Espada (beef brisket taco). Armadillo Eggs (jalapeño stuffed with cheddar cheese or cream cheese and baked in a biscuit-batter coating). Chuleta de Puerco and Bunuelos a la ‘Mode (bunuelo chips with ice cream and Cajeta sauce).

Adding to the fun of Mission Trail are the famed Fortune Tellers.

Sauerkraut Bend

San Antonio’s German influence dates to the early 1800s, when immigrants built their homes in the King William neighborhood along a bend in the San Antonio River. Visitors to the cool, spacious hall enjoy Sausage on a Stick, Black Forest Cake, Bretzels, Bavarian Kreme, Brotwurst Brotchen, Sausage Sampler and Pigs in a Blanket. 

A traditional German Oompah/polka band provides continuous entertainment (including the popular Chicken Dance).

South of the Border

Canopies of bright green, yellow, red and blue cover food booths like the roadside vendor stands in Mexico. Favorites include Aguacates (fresh avocado halves filled with sour cream and spicy sauce) and Pollo Rancheros. The Jugo Frescas booth (a traditional fruit drink is a big favorite for parched participants). Beef Tacos, Queso Flameado and Tamales de Pollo are among the tempting treats offered here.

Villa Espana

Villa Espana features authentic Spanish dishes such as Tapas Bandas (flour tortillas filled with chicken, Monterrey jack cheese, olives, red peppers and guacamole, and grilled until toasted), Churros de Cajeta, Fish Taco and Shrimp Parilla.